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1. Our Stories and Why We’re Here.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Our first episode, and our reason for embarking on this journey.

List of books/resources mentioned:

  1. Gilfoyle. E., Grady, A. & Moore, J. 1981. Children Adapt.

  2. Mattingly, C. & Flemming, MH. 1994. Clinical Reasoning: Forms of Inquiry in a Therapeutic Practice.

  3. Stackhouse, T.M., Trunnel, S.L. & Wilbarger, J.L. 1997. STEP-SI: A Clinical Reasoning Tool.

  4. Stackhouse, T.M The SpIRiT Of Paediatric OT. A Sensory Processing / Integration Reasoning Integration Tool.

Tracy’s Honourable Mentions:

  • Elnora Gilfoyle

  • William T. Greenough (Bill Greenough)

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