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9. Social Skills In Treatment: Attuning and Teaching

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

This episode takes us further along the path of social emotional development. We dance with the dilemma of knowing when the right time is in treatment to teach a specific social skill strategy. If you have ever thought about how much to challenge a child and how much to follow their lead then this discussion is definitely for you.

Attached in the PDF is the visual of the spiralling continuum of development from the SpIRiT course if you are like us and benefit from having a visual to organising your thinking.

Some of our other references include the DIR/Floortime model again particularly the Functional Emotional Developmental Levels (FEDLs) so we have linked some references from Profectum and ICDL for you below:

We also talk about Dan Hughes‘ P.A.C.E model so you you can find out more about that from his website here:

Hopefully we will have all the bugs in our audio sorted for our next episode but we hope you enjoy regardless.

SCP Spiraling Continuum
Download PDF • 820KB

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